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Future Leaders

Future Leaders Initiative (FLI)

The Future Leaders Initiative is an industry focused and research backed programme which enables the business professionals of today to become the future leaders of tomorrow. The FLI is delivered through executive education, collaborative research and business transformation capabilities which enables business leaders and those within this network to become the standard bearers for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Model

The FLI includes the following programmes:

  • Executive Education Courses
  • Master’s programme in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • MReS, Ph.D., Eng.D. programme on Business Transformation
  • A Business Transformation Accelerator
  • An academic and practice based research team for transformation methodologies.
  • A Future Leaders’ Network built from WMG Alumni and partners.
  • Future Leaders Symposium - designed for Future Leaders' Network, and extended networks to bringing together top-tier industry experts to discuss trends and challenges, explore innovative opportunities, foster collaboration, and inspire transformative solutions. The Future Leader Symposium is usually the first step for a potential business leader to understand and join the FLI.

To find out how you can apply to be part of the Future Leaders Programme, please email -