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Our Team

WMG Accelerator team

team member

Hi, I'm Xiao Ma!

Thinking about entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and innovation. Tinkering with business transformation challenges and opportunities - digitalisation, Servicitation, productation etc. transforming cohort businesses.

Dr Xiao Ma
Head of WMG Accelerator, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Transformation.
team member

Hello, I'm Dal!

Help cohort businesses with market alignment and growth strategy. Own the marketing strategy for the Accelerator to develop awareness and engagement.

Dalraj Nijjar
Growth-Hacking Lead, Market Analyst
team member

What's up? I'm Georgi!

My responsibilities are to assist cohorts with their product/service development, help them improve their existing infrastructure and help them decide the most appropriate tools and technologies for each use case.

Georgi Iliev
Technology Lead, Software Developer
team member

Hi There, I'm Prof Jay Bal!


Prof Jay Bal
Acceleration Mentor, Professor in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Transformation
team member

Hi! I'm May!


May Mongkolkittaveepol
Acceleration Associate, Researcher in Business Accelerators
team member

Hi, I'm Yihan!


Dr Yihan Guo
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lead, Lecturer
team member

A chemist turned champion for Digital Manufacturing with a passion: delivering big change for small businesses. With over 25 years being at the interface between technology, innovation and customer in companies small and large, now helping SMEs get value from science and technology to solve their problems of today and to enable a more productive and competitive tomorrow.

Dr Paul Milne
Acceleration Mentor, Digital Innovation for Manufacturing