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Sustainable Manufacturing Insights

-- Live Webinars --

Webinar 1: The Sustainable Business Opportunity and why it matters now more than ever

7th September, 8.30-9.45am

The UK manufacturing industry needs to change to combat climate change. Find out how moving to sustainable practices is good for business and what opportunities it opens up.

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Webinar 2: Sustainable Supply Chains and the importance of end-to-end decarbonisation

14th September 2021, 8.30-9.45am

To protect the future viability of supply chains we need to understand the Scope 3 emissions that we are emitting and account for them. Find out how businesses are measuring and tracking their carbon footprint up and down the supply chain.

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Webinar 3: The turning tide towards sustainable products and how to meet consumer needs

21st September 2021, 8.30-9.45am

The pandemic has accelerated shifts in consumer behaviour, including a sharper focus on buying environmentally friendly products. Hear lessons from businesses designing sustainable products to give themselves a competitive edge in the new normal.

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Webinar 4: Sustainable Processes - the business case for the green transition

28th September 2021, 8.30-9.45am

More efficient, lean processes drive sustainability but can also reduce costs. Find out how businesses are simultaneously driving carbon and cost out of manufacturing processes.

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Webinar 5: Sustainable Organisations - how to future proof your business

5th October 2021, 8.30-9.45am

In a post-COVID world, organisations are rethinking how they operate and preparing themselves for other potential systemic risks such as climate change. Find out how businesses are managing buildings, people and travel requirements in a more sustainable way.

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