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Creating impact

Our work in health and wellbeing is built around impact and solving difficult real-life problems.

We're working to transform health through the power of digital technology, information, engineering, and behavioural science. We bring the knowledge, experience and legacy of decades of cutting edge work in industry to improving lives by transforming health and wellbeing.

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Institute of Digital Healthcare

At the centre of our activity is the Institute of Digital Healthcare, a partnership between WMG, Warwick Medical School and the NHS.

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Our expertise covers four key themes:
Our education programmes
bio sensors  


Health and Wellbeing

The healthcare landscape is changing at a rapid pace, and the opportunities are encouraging new players who traditionally have not been involved in healthcare, fitness or wellbeing.

New technologies are opening up new ways to manage and treat a wide variety of conditions, both in clinical settings and at home. Technology and ideas from other sectors are also being deployed in the healthcare industry to optimise resources and improve efficiency and outcomes.