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Our job is to understand your industrial challenges and help you find the innovative solutions, new technologies or new products you need to succeed commercially.

We have the expertise to evaluate your ideas, the facilities to jointly develop new technologies to turn opportunities into commercial reality, and the resources to create education programmes that help your employees remain at the forefront of knowledge.

Explore how our experts remain at the forefront of knowledge by visiting our thought leadership platform WMG Insights.


We'll work with you to improve manufacturing operations through automated digital systems and modelling techniques, including the introduction of new technologies into existing production lines.

We can also help introduce you to new business models.


We'll support you at every stage of the journey. We have expertise in developing new technologies, assessing new materials, converting concepts into reality, and know how to analyse the market and work out the value of your products.


We can help you strengthen the knowledge and skills of your existing team to secure the future of your business and improve competitiveness.

We can also help you access talent for short-term projects.