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Create Test Launch | Product development with WMG SME Group

Create, Test and Launch
WMG’s Create, Test and Launch (CTL) programme is a set of four interactive workshops focused on business change

Designed to help organisations use innovation and business model theory to:

  • Explore the whole range of innovation opportunities available to their business
  • Develop key, repeatable, innovation skills
  • Choose and develop innovation opportunities that have potential to deliver genuine value and impact
  • Enable companies to reduce risk and improve outcomes
  • Structure their work outside of the sessions using custom designed workbooks to support the learning, with interactive and guided frameworks that can be applied for future business and R&D activities.

Helping business create new market ready products

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Working together as a management team

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Understand customers better

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Business stretch goals

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If you would like to find out more about the CTL programme or sign up, please contact the WMG SME Group on:

024 7657 4299