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Create Test Launch

How can the Create, Test and Launch programme help you?

The course is split into four interactive workshops as follows:

  • Stage 1 focuses on the current state of the business using tools such as the WMG Capability Canvas and the Business Model Canvas.
  • Stage 2 explores future opportunities - a broad range of ideas are uncovered and prioritised based on those with the potential to create the most value and strategic alignment to the company.
  • Stage 3 adopts the latest thought in Lean Start-up and Design thinking to explore how to uncover new insights and untapped potential from the customer’s perspective.
  • Stage 4 demonstrates to the teams the importance of concept development, prototyping and user testing to minimise risk as they take the product or service to market.

Helping business create new market ready products...

The programme has a track record of giving real business benefits:

Assisting a manufacturer of bespoke form tools create their own products, which resulted in a £650k increase in turnover, 400% increase in profit, in 12 months
A presswork supply chain client launched a new range of automotive wheels for the aftermarket think differently and open up new opportunities

CTL has opened their eyes to new innovations, new markets, and new technologies:

  • “The set structure CTL utilises has been invaluable in clarifying the business models and keeping the team focused. Also without the day-to-day distractions that can cause future planning to stall.”
  • “WMG has helped us to explore new technologies that can fundamentally improve our business”

...understand their business and customers better

“Helped us to discover what value we really are offering to our customers and understand it not just from a supplier point of view but from the customers’ point of view.”
“CTL has given us a clearer understanding of the business… and a good framework to work on a clear 5-year strategy and unlock hidden potential within the company, particularly as the business has reached maturity with it’s existing customer base.”

...and builds a culture of innovation between the management team

CTL participants have been able to spend time working on the business rather than in the business. It also gives the senior and middle managers the opportunity to develop and grow as a team:

“Even though it's not designed as a team building exercise…the whole process is gelling us together to work together for the same thing.”

Businesses stretch goals

Management teams are given the opportunity, tools and insights to explore their ideas for the business and help them to prioritise and agree those that have the greatest value:

  • “It's one of those things [where you think], could we have done it ourselves? Well possibly... but would we ever actually have done it, without having the structure and facilitation of this process? The answer’s almost certainly no.”
  • “[I feel] massively more confident than when I started this process, hugely more informed, more structured and I think the chances of us delivering the product on time, correctly, the drive towards that gives me a lot more confidence that we'll actually do that and achieve it. That at the right pricing model, and after having looked and looked at our customers to make sure it's what they want... we're all moving together forward as a team.”

If you would like to find out more about the CTL programme or sign up, please contact the WMG SME Group on:

024 7657 4299