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Our multidisciplinary expertise means we are able to supervise projects in a range of areas including manufacturing, materials, product development, digital systems, Industry 4.0, automation and business models. Is there a project you would like to advance, a product that needs developing, a process that needs improving that could benefit from two months' focused support? Please challenge us.


  • Access to next generation of talent and skills
  • Access to the latest manufacturing technology
  • Support from WMG research teams


There is a fixed, one-off fee for the internship programme of £5,000 excluding VAT, which can be reduced to £3,000 for a UK SME. This cost wil include intern recruitment, attractive salary for the intern and cover dedicated support from manufacturing experts at WMG. For further details, please contact us.


  • Must be a registered business
  • Open to companies active in manufacturing in the UK


If you are interested in securing an internship, please contact us via with a brief idea of the project you would like the intern to conduct.


Are you looking for fresh thinking to drive innovation and your business forward?

Whether you're looking for an intern, or to complete an internship, contact us to see what we can offer.


Our specialist internship programme has seen over 300 projects completed with manufacturing companies across the UK. Businesses have developed new products, improved process efficiency and increased productivity.


Internship programme