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Interns kick off 2021 with a bang | Tom Lockhart, Project Officer

Interns help businesses start 2021 with a bang | Tom Lockhart, Project Officer

Tom Lockhart, Project Officer, reflects on a successful past year of the WMG Internship Programme, and looks ahead to future opportunities for businesses to grow their talent base.

Despite disruption to our SME Internship Programme caused by Covid-19, we managed to resume our projects from September 2020, which has resulted in a number of successes we are really proud of. The graduate labour market was drastically affected by COVID-19, and we are delighted that our Internship Programme was able to offer projects that have led to full-time opportunities for a number of our interns and delivered huge impacts to their sponsor companies.

For example, having been a participant of our Internship Programme before, Alucast recently benefitted from a 30% productivity boost due to process improvement work by intern Farhan Ahmed. The management team were so impressed that they offered him a job as a fully-fledged member of the Alucast set up. This is a prime example of how our Internship Programme can not only give opportunities for students and graduates but also be a game-changer for our industrial partners.

Aim of the programme

Our Internship Programme gives companies a dedicated resource to conduct a focused project within the business, while enabling access to WMG expertise and equipment.

The intern will be supervised by an expert member of our team who can guide the project to a successful conclusion. In line with the project scope, companies will have use of state-of-the-art equipment at WMG that will enable them to take the next step within their business.

How the process works

We start off by working with the company to scope the project after which we advertise via several University channels and external graduate/student focused job pages. Following this, we provide support with the recruitment by offering advice on suitable candidates and being involved in the interviews if necessary. Once an intern is chosen, we provide administrative support to get them ready to go, removing this burden from the company.

How to get involved

If you would like to learn more about how an internship project could change your business, get in touch via:

LinkedIn -

Email –

Phone – 02476 151650