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WMG SME Group | Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

How is the KTP funded?

Each KTP is part-funded by Innovate UK. This means that Innovate UK contribute between 50-67% of the cost.

How much the company contributes is dependent upon the company size.

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We act as a facilitator and key partner for interested businesses. Our role is in supporting the discussions and meetings surrounding a potential project and help you through the application process.

In addition, we provide ongoing academic supervision throughout the partnership.

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What is a KTP

A KTP is a three-way collaboration that benefits all parties:

  • A suitably qualified graduate or post graduate who can lead a strategic business project (known as an Associate)
  • A UK-based business (of any size, in any sector or a not for profit organisation)
  • A UK-based university/research institution (Knowledge Base).

Administered nationally by Innovate UK, KTPs encourage collaboration between universities and industry.

How long do they last?

KTP projects last between 12 months and three years depending on project scope and business requirements, with approximately 70% of Associates offered employment by the host business at the end of the project.

Key benefits for businesses
  • It's a cost-effective route to recruiting a suitably skilled person to work on a specific, strategic business challenge
  • You're supported by the university for the entire duration on the KTP programme
  • It gives you exclusive access to world-leading facilities and resources at WMG, the University of Warwick
  • It provides 'fresh-eyes', new ideas and thinking to support business improvement
Typical challenges

Typical challenges addressed for organisations by our KTP Associates include elements such as designing and introducing new products or better processes, re-organising production facilities, introducing improved quality systems and enhancing technology. The possibilities for transformation via a KTP are almost endless.

Summary of how it works


Contact us to discuss whether a KTP could be an option for addressing your specific business challenges. You'll need to have a specific project in mind which links in with our core areas of capability.


We contact the regional KTP advisor to discuss the idea in more detail and decide whether a proposal should be created. Once confirmed, a plan for developing and submitting a KTP proposal is agreed upon.


We support you in developing the KTP proposal, ensuring it meets all essential criteria.


Once approved, we lead the recruitment of a suitably qualified graduate, who would be employed by the university and based at your location for the duration of the KTP programme. The chosen 'Associate' would have the most relevant skills and technical background to be able to deliver the identified business challenge.

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