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Our team


Dr Mark Swift

CTO, WMG centre HVM Catapult
Head of SME Programmes
Mark dot Swift at warwick dot ac dot uk

Mark leads the SME Group with experience in bringing innovative research to markets, running knowledge transfer programmes and working with small businesses. His research interests include small business innovation and growth, online marketplaces, virtual teams and Digital Manufacturing.

Scott Crowther

Innovation Manager
Scott dot Crowther at warwick dot ac dot uk

Scott has 20 years' experience of taking Digital Technology solutions to market for various SMEs, including running his own micro-enterprise. Most recently, he was responsible for the delivery of combined social media, cloud computing and smartphone App projects for telecommunication and energy companies across Europe.


Onur Eren

Technology Transfer Engineer
O dot Eren at warwick dot ac dot uk

Onur has a background in Computer Engineering and Management Information Systems. He has a deep understanding of IoT Technologies and Mobile App Development with excellent troubleshooting skills and extensive practical experience.
piero Filippin

Piero Filippin

Innovation manager
P dot Filippin at warwick dot ac dot uk
Piero is a Computer Engineer with 20 years' experience of working together with SMEs in the UK and Italy. His areas of expertise span from Cloud Technology to Web-enabled and Mobile Applications, with a particular interest in Logistics and Traceability using NFC, RFID and bar codes.

Phil Gibbons

Phil Gibbons

Project Technician

Phil has over 25 years’ experience in precision engineering, as well as knowledge in Additive Layer Manufacturing / 3D Printing. He is responsible for the efficient operation of the IIPSI Technical Hall as well as dealing with all staff and health and safety related issues for the area.

Phil Hamilton

Technology Transfer Engineer
P dot Hmailton dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Phil has an academic background in materials science combined with industrial experience as a Research and Business Development Engineer in the High Value Manufacturing sector. In his previous role he focused on developing, characterising and validating coating materials for low carbon transport and energy applications. He is familiar with the UK/EU funding landscape and has practical experience applying for and delivering Innovate UK and European projects along with a broad range of partners. Phil has a keen interest in monitoring the wider political, economic, social and technological factors affecting the development and deployment of low carbon vehicles and energy technologies.
Yogendra Joshi

Yogendra Joshi

Technoogy Transfer Engineer
Y dot Joshi at warwick dot ac dot uk

Yogendra has over eight years' experience in manufacturing spanning across automotive, materials handling and defence sectors; both in the UK and abroad. He also has experience in materials characterisation, tribology and finite element modelling.

Dr Paul Lansdell

Innovation Manager
P dot Lansdell at warwick dot ac dot uk

Paul has a wide-ranging engineering background, with 40 years' industrial engineering experience encompassing casting, plating, surface engineering for both decorative and functional coatings including anti-microbial and corrosion protection. Initially trained as a metallurgist, he has built on this background to offer expertise on a wide range of material properties and processes. He has been a chartered engineer for 30 years and his industrial background includes technical support and direct line management roles. He has served as the President of the Institute of Materials Finishing and is still a member of the board of directors. He is an advisor to the Drinking Water Inspectorate and the Chief Mechanical Engineer of a preservation railway.

Dr Kylash Makenji

Innovation Manager
K dot Makenji at warwick dot ac dot uk

Kylash is a Chartered Engineer with comprehensive experience in engineering, polymer materials, and the development of innovative processing techniques. He has numerous peer reviewed publications, presented at international conferences and has published a number of book chapters. Kylash has extensive experience in management and new product introduction using transferable engineering disciplines.

Jevgenija Manerova

Internships Officer
J dot Manerova at warwick dot ac dot uk

Jen has a strong academic background in chemical sciences and experience of supporting a Government funded Research Programme Grant. She joined the WMG during April 2017 to set up and oversee the delivery of the SME Group's Summer Internship Programme.

Dr Liz McArdle

Dr Liz McArdle

Innovation Manager
E dot McArdle at warwick dot ac dot uk

Liz has over 20 years of experience working with organisations, across the UK and Europe, to improve their processes. Her career started in a technology transfer position, working with a local SME in the paper industry, before moving to a more focused manufacturing role in the oil and gas sector. Latterly, Liz has provided support, consultancy and training in process improvement and innovation across a range of industries.


Dr Paul Milne

Innovation Manager
P dot Milne at warwick dot ac dot uk

Paul has 19 years’ experience of working in Industry and Government in development and research environments in defence and aerospace applications. Paul has extensive experience of developing new and innovative materials and has a track record of developing materials and coatings with enhanced optical, mechanical and adhesive properties. During this time he has built up considerable experience of product development processes. Paul has lead projects, collaborations and research teams and was most recently a director in an SME specialising in novel coating technology.

Jennie Murray

Technology Transfer Engineer
J dot Murray dot 6 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Jennie is a product designer with a background in creative consultancy. Having worked with in-house new product development teams and within London based branding agencies, Jennie brings diverse experience from packaging and graphic design through to the development of medical and consumer products.


Dr David Norman

Technology Transfer Engineer
D dot Norman dot 2 at warwick dot ac dot uk

David is an Electronics Engineer with 15 years' experience working in both industry and academia. David has worked in Germany on the latest in-home entertainment systems and sensor electronics and in the UK on robotics, actuation controllers, USB devices and LED lighting systems.


Mita Panchal

Programmes Administrator
M dot Panchal at warwick dot ac dot uk

Mita is responsible for all aspects of administration for the SME Group. Mita has 13 years' experience of delivering Business Support to SMEs through Government and European Union funded projects. She previously worked at Coventry University Enterprises supporting ERDF projects.

Dr Daniel Peavoy

Innovation Manager
D dot Peavoy dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dan has worked for the High Value Manufacturing Catapult since 2012. He has been technical lead for a diverse range of projects including big data technologies and simulation, involving multiple project partners from different sectors. He has an academic background in statistics and data science and applies this knowledge to support the digital manufacturing strategy at WMG.

Paula Verma

Paula Verma

Programmes Administrator
Paula dot Verma at warwick dot ac dot uk

Paula is responsible for all aspects of administration for the SME group. Paula has over ten years’ experience of delivering Business Support to SMEs through Government and European Union funded projects having worked on the Advantage Proof of Concept Grant Fund and posts at Coventry University Enterprises and Connect Midlands.


Dr Simon Washbrook

Technology Transfer Engineer
S dot Washbrook at warwick dot ac dot uk

Simon has over 20 years' experience of working in UK and EEA industry within development and R&D functions covering: FMCG, decorative coatings, plastics processing and medical device/filtration product ranges. Simon has extensive experience in Value Engineered optimisation of product formulations. During his career, he has accumulated considerable experience in new product development activities, physical testing of materials and advanced plasma surface engineering technologies.