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Our systems experts have a strong industrial background and we are supported by a number of research teams at WMG.

Smarter products

We are able to support manufacturers who have a desire to make new smart products or make their existing products smarter, through the use of digital tools and techniques. Specific areas of expertise within our team include sensors and electronics, and applying Internet of Things thinking. Our strong manufacturing expertise means we can support SMEs take a smart product idea right through from prototype to manufacture.

We have a development area at WMG with a broad range of kit and equipment in rapid prototyping, and electronic prototyping and experience in working with a range development platforms.

Smarter factories

We have experience in connecting shop floors and factories to the Internet to support manufacturers in becoming more productive. We use barcode and RFID technology to help SMEs track assets and can support with the visualisation of data to allow for better costing, better engagement with customers, and potentially the development of new servitised business models. We have a kitbag of sensors that can be applied to machinery in a factory to monitor machine efficiency. We can then work with you to identify, extract, and display data in a way that fits your business needs.

Automation systems

The Automation Systems Group (ASG) led by Professor Robert Harrison focuses on research and development related to supporting the lifecycle of automation in manufacturing, process control, and embedded systems. A major theme in this work is the virtual engineering of these systems and the direct deployment of control and monitoring capabilities from a common lifecycle engineering model. This group is currently supporting SMEs with the automation of various manufacturing processes.

Case Studies

Wickens Engineering Ltd

Wickens Engineering Case Study

Trans-Rak International Ltd

Transrak International