Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Future of Aerospace

WMG Business e-Newsletter: the Future of Aerospace

Welcome to the WMG Business e-Newsletter

The past few months have been anything but 'business as usual'. Manufacturers in the UK and globally have faced unprecedented challenges, which continue to evolve at pace.

In this newsletter, we take a deep dive into the aerospace industry, looking at the challenges and opportunities in this key sector both pre- and post-COVID, including electrification, disruptive innovation, regulation, airport infrastructure, and technology road maps for the future.

Air travel in the time of Coronavirus

Nick Barton, CEO of Birmingham Airport, shares his views on what quarantine and social distancing rules could mean for the air travel industry, and the UK economy at large.

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Electrification in aerospace: strategy and road map

The unprecedented events of the 2020 coronavirus crisis have had a profound impact on the aviation industry. WMG spoke to Mark Scully, Head of Technology for Advanced Systems & Propulsion at the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), about how current events may change the strategy and roadmap to the electrification of aerospace.

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Infrastructure Regulation with Frederic Laugere, CAA

The aerospace sector is seeking to reduce emissions and there are two clear trends emerging. One is for more electric aircraft (MEA) achieved through electronically controlled systems in larger aircraft. The second is for completely electrified aircraft in the form of smaller, urban air mobility solutions. Airport infrastructure compatible with this new electrified flight is a key component for future commercial aerospace operation.

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Blue-sky thinking: how UK disruptors are pushing the boundaries of aerospace electrification

In aerospace, while large commercial operators like Airbus and Boeing have published plans to adopt more electrical and hybrid systems by 2030, a handful of small, agile firms are pushing the boundaries of aerospace electrification right now. WMG speaks to two such companies, Electroflight and Vertical Aerospace.

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WMG shapes airports of the future through new battery tech model

Supporting the UK Government’s drive to end the nation’s contribution to climate change by 2050, a Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) model produced by a team led by Dr Andrew McGordon, Principal Engineer at WMG, University of Warwick utilises battery technology expertise and theoretical modelling to help airports and equipment manufacturers quantify the reductions in CO2 emissions by implementing electric GSE.


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