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Global Partnerships

Our strengths have been built on the forming of successful partnerships with regional, national and global businesses, institutions, trade organisations and other stakeholders such as primary and secondary schools and public service organisations.

We believe in long-term partnerships to enhance and deepen knowledge and expertise on a continued basis. The longevity of collaborative activities provides greater value add to local and global businesses, who are constantly striving for a competitive advantage.


Industrial Partners

We have a proven, globally recognised track record of working successfully with the industrial sector on research programmes, these range from small scale projects to large scale multi-partner projects covering activities such as research, training and innovation management.

Our Doctorate studentships and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships provide an effective way of combining research needs and investment in skills deployment.


Institutional Bodies

We keep in close contact with institutional bodies in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, science and technology to ensure we keep up to date with the professional communities, latest opportunities and compliance in best practice.


Public Sector Partners

We have a strong collaborative partnership with NHS West Midlands through our Institute of Digital Healthcare which combines talents and resources from WMG, WMS, NHS West Midlands, NHS Trusts, private enterprises, charities and other bodies. The IDH designs and delivers appropriate care solutions that provide benefit to patients and their care support networks through the use of innovative digital technologies.


School Engagement

WMG has involvement with many local midland schools. Our aim is to provide young people, teachers and parents with an insight into engineering, manufacturing and technology.

We focus our efforts into demonstrating how exciting career paths in Science and Engineering can be through a series of teaching and learning workshops and events which complies with the science and computing curriculum.

Our School activities include;

  • Encouraging Young Engineers Scheme sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Technology Volunteers: Encouraging Creators rather than Consumers
  • Engineering and Technology Events


Demonstrations of our students work and how engineering, manufacturing and technology can make a difference includes;








Key Contacts

Mark Pickering
Director of Development

Richard Seager
Business Development Manager