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Product offering


-- Our product offering --

We work with companies large and small at every stage of their innovation journey. Our product offerings will help develop your business - whether you want to start by testing the water with a short study, engage with us on a specific development, or invest in a longer term, more strategic large project.

Engagement – find out how we can help your business
Name What Who How Output
Networking Open network in communities of interest Those looking for new suppliers, partners or customers - or just new ideas Networking events – either themed or generic with talks and discussions New connections between businesses both inter- and intra-area
Discovery Discussion to assess type, size and benefit of potential interaction Those who have not worked with WMG before, or want to try something in a new area? Structured discussion to match business needs with WMG capabilities Shared plan to do more, either on a specific problem or a wider set of issues
Diagnostic Analysis of specific area to define and agree a programme of work Those who want to proceed with interaction Further discussion on the “as is” and “to be”, timelines, resources and costs A specific plan and agreement on what to do, resources, costs and funding sources
Workshop / Masterclass Workshop to explore an area and develop new ideas in that area Those already working in the area, or those who want to and are looking for a new strategic approach Workshop with leadership team – can be ½ day, full day or longer, depending on complexity of area New ideas and new collaborations to develop them, including universities
Projects – invest in a specific development
Name What Who How Output
First Step Short term support for initial scoping work Those with an early stage idea who are not sure of its value and cannot make an investment decision without this Short piece of work to test idea – could be self-funded, InnovateUK grant funded, or (if of general applicability) Catapult funded Validation of idea and indication of required steps for next phase of development
Feasibility Study Short to medium term programme to provide support for the testing of an idea Those with an idea that has had some development but needs testing up and down the supply chain Longer piece of work to develop idea against commercial goals – could be self-funded or by an InnovateUK grant A more robust product or service idea and links to a wider community
Full Study Medium to long term programme involving research and development – can include several companies and/or universities Those with ideas that they know the value of, but for which they need more resources than they have to spare Longer piece of work to develop and implement idea against commercial goals – could be InnovateUK grant, but more likely self-funded Almost fully developed product or service and the majority of a supply chain
Capabilities – access our people and equipment
Resource What Who How Output
Market insight Overview and understanding of those areas of UK activity that are growing and making money – enables better decisions about potential market size, competition and pricing Those who are new to an area, or those who want a fresh look at their existing area Discussion of WMG knowledge in an area – with experts in the field A more effective approach to making money from technology
Access to people Various length programmes to transfer academic knowledge into a business Companies limited by human resource who want to explore a new technology or market Depending on timescale required, level of knowledge and urgency, agreement on specific tool to use Specific knowledge transfer and people development
Access to equipment Latest manufacturing equipment, fully maintained and calibrated with full technician support Companies looking to explore the use of new equipment and needing business case, or those with short production runs Agreed programme to use equipment with tailored amount of support from WMG Case for acquisition or validation that equipment is needed for expansion
Education and training

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