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Automated Module-to-Pack Pilot Line for Industrial Innovation (AMPLiFII)

What was the challenge?

The relatively low volumes required to manufacture battery packs for hybrid and electric vehicles means that UK manufacturers have historically avoided this market. The AMPLiFII project, funded by Innovate UK, aimed to increase knowledge and capability of design and production methods for modular battery systems suited to more than one manufacturer. This consortium project, led by WMG, also challenged to find solutions to the issues around the recycling and re-use batteries packs by defining second-life and end-of-life process pathways to avoid the burning of Lithium Ion cells as is the current practise.

What was the solution?

The project designed and developed a flexible, modular battery architecture, for high power and high energy applications as diverse as motorsport, heavy industrial plant, fully electric and hybrid, cars and hybrid buses. This diversity enables supply chain partners to combine the demand of multiple markets to create economies of scale. The different applications use a common cell format while remaining independent of cell suppliers. Importantly, the module design and the production line could be easily adapted to other cell formats.

What was the impact?

The pilot line at WMG was developed to test and demonstrate manufacturing processes at automotive production rates and quality. The key objectives to ensure in-line quality verification, a no-faults-forward policy and a fully flexible, integrated approach were all achieved. Methods for the reclamation of materials from cylindrical cells were developed and proved and second-life opportunities for both modules and packs were defined. As a result of the confidence gained from the success of this project, further Government funding and industrial research projects have been approved, leading to a positive impact on the UK battery and electrification strategy.

“Delta Motorsport has benefitted significantly from being part of the AMPLiFII consortium, led by WMG. The breadth and depth of research (both academic and applied) carried out by all project partners as part of the program will put Delta in an excellent position going forward, as it looks to move from an innovative (but heavily research-focused) consultancy to a commercial manufacturer of battery systems. In addition, the work carried out within the program […] will benefit not just the program partners and that supply chain but other tier 1s and 2s as well.”

Nick Carpenter, Engineering Director, Delta Motorsport Limited

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