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Pashley Cycles

What was the challenge?

With a desire to grow the business, an opportunity arose to develop a new bicycle for the London Cycle Hire (LCH) scheme. Given its previous working relationship with WMG HVM Reach, Pashley sought to engage with the Group again, regarding the bicycle’s materials and specification.

What was the solution?

WMG HVM Reach supported Pashley by using additive layer manufacturing (3D printing), laser scanning and metrology technology to create accurate prototypes of the proposed bike components. A significant part of the new design features plastics and aluminium alloy, a significant move away from the leather and steel traditionally used on Pashley bikes. WMG’s expertise in light-weighting, polymers, reverse engineering and materials testing directly benefitted the company, helping de-risk the design development, and reducing cost and labour.

What was the impact?

Pashley were successful in being selected as the sole supplier for the next generation of LCHS bicycles. The five-year contract provides stability for the company, securing the jobs of the 52 strong workforce in Stratford Upon Avon, with new plans to recruit an additional 15 staff during 2017/18. WMG HVMC and Pashley continue to collaborate to advance the product further, and establish a UK supply chain for the LCH bicycle manufacture.

“I am grateful to WMG for providing design and prototyping assistance, which enabled us to present a strong collaborative bid and helped win the contract. These are exciting times for Pashley and it’s great we will be able to access world leading facilities, resources and technologies at WMG to help us develop an exciting, new range of bicycles for the future.”

Adrian Williams, Managing Director, Pashley Cycles

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