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World Class Assessment

Introducing WMG World Class Assessment

The World Class Assessment Team is one of the many teams in WMG that supports and implements WMG's long-term development strategy, part of which is to produce "unrivalled knowledge transfer through engagement with industry and other users".

The team consists of three senior WMG members with over 100 years of business experience between them. The team came into existence in 2004 when it collaborated with Warwick Business School (WBS) on a major World Class Accreditation programme for RBS Group Document Solutions and Logistics Operations to achieve world class performance.

The programme was sponsored by Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, Director of WMG. As a business focused think-tank the team created a World Class Diamond© model that provided the underpinning theoretical basis.

The team also provides specialist experience in a number of assessment tools and evaluation approaches that have been tested with proven effectiveness in many real-world business cases. At the time of writing, the team has just completed a World Class Showcase accreditation for the six Divisions of RBS Insurance Claims Operations that has involved our support and guidance over three years to reach this goal.

The team is keen to continue its work in assisting other organisations to reach a world-class performance standard through this well proven methodology. The team also pursues academic excellence through publications, delivering bespoke master-classes for organisations and keeping close ties to other academic and professional institutions. Jointly with RBS the team has just submitted the Application for the EFMD - Excellence in Practice Award - Partnership in Achieving World Class Excellence across RBS Insurance between Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), Warwick Business School (WBS) and RBS Insurance to the European Foundation of Management Development EFMD.

Our Mission

Accelerating the achievement of world-class performance


Service Scope to Business

  • Assessing overall or departmental current business performance
  • Advising on strategic and operational improvement projects for world-class performance
  • Accelerating the improvement initiatives through facilitation and independent assessment
  • Analysing unique signature practices within the organisation and delivering the case studies
  • Accelerating best practice learning and deployment through the provision of leading-edge master classes
  • Assessing interim progress and final achievement of the improvement projects and the effectiveness of the management system
  • Accrediting World-Class organisation status from a World-Class University

Our World Class Diamond© Model

World Class Diamond© Model

Operational Excellence - superior business performance that is benchmarked against leading-edge organisations in the sector globally.

Strategy and Leadership - a clear vision, a clearly articulated and well communicated service concept and business strategy, and an appropriate culture driven by effective leadership.

Capability to Adapt - the capability of continuous improvement; innovation in business process change to adapt to the changing environment; responsiveness in renewing its offering to the market.

Unique Voice - the distinct organisational “Voice” that constitutes its unique organisational identity, which differentiates its success from the rest in the competition.