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Working With Us

Working with Industry

WMG works across a broad range of industrial sectors - from the technological frontiers of aerospace and pharmaceuticals, through to the mass production of automotive manufacture, into food processing, banking and healthcare.

We are also involved in such niche activities as instrument engineering, making window frames and general subcontracting. You can find us anywhere that knowledge can give business a competitive edge.

Starting a Relationship

Our strength is working with companies that want to innovate. We believe that it's important to understand what makes a company tick - working with management to fully understand its strategy, to appreciate its mission and where it wants to go.

It often starts with a project on a specific issue. It could be the introduction of new technology, installing CAD/CAM or utilising new materials. But technology by itself is rarely the answer. It has to happen in the context of the corporate strategy and the company's long term plans. At this stage we try to set the scene for a longer term relationship.

In this way, WMG can help companies to ensure that each project, each innovation, really does fit into the business, from senior management down to the factory floor.

WMG works with companies to develop better working methods, to match the technologies they employ into what their business wants to achieve.

The Future

E-commerce is the future for all industrial sectors. However there are particular challenges to face in introducing e-business techniques into 'real product' companies. This is a challenge we have set ourselves: demonstrating the use of this technology in real product companies and then being able to transfer the appropriate management skills into this environment.

Find Out More...

To find out more about collaborating with us, contact Richard Seager, Business Development Manager, for more information on: 024 7657 5935 or by email to:

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