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I've heard that there is a lot of recruitment happening within WMG, but there aren’t many jobs being advertised?
As we continue to grow, and work in partnership with organisations, we put in more and more bids for funding to be able to continue with our work. These bids take time to process, therefore vacancies can take time to advertise.

I’m concerned that the vacancy I’m interested in is only on a fixed term basis
The nature of funding often means that it is only available on a time-limited basis. However, as we are continually putting in bids for other funding for our work to be able to continue, there are often extensions to contracts, or other positions available from other funding. Although there are no guarantees, it is not often that a contract comes to an end without other opportunities being available.

If I’m on a fixed term contract, am I eligible for all the same benefits as permanent staff?
Yes, being on a temporary contract does not make a difference. Full details of benefits are available here.


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