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Roles Available

We're looking for talented people to be a part of our growing team. We have a number of opportunities available for motivated individuals who relish the challenge of working at the forefront of applied research. Working with leading academics and research groups, you will develop your technical project skills and experience.

We need a range of different skills to complement our current team. This includes:

Project Engineer

To support research projects, taking requirements from consortium partners, undertaking experimental design and then working with technical staff to build test environments, to develop and programme tests and to ensure data collection and interpretation. Roles available in many areas of experience, but key skills required are in:

  • Lithium battery performance
  • Battery material analysis
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Thermal Modelling
  • Power Electronics
  • Electric Motors
  • Manufacturing Automation System Design

Research Fellow

To work on a number of energy related research projects in collaboration with industrial partners using exceptional research facilities. You will have proven research experience and well developed communication and collaboration skills to provide the interface between industry, academic partners and the project management team.

Facility Engineers

To utilise your knowledge in previous energy related areas to design and implement experiments to deliver the safety, quality and cost objectives of the experimental facilities that will support WMG activity as part of a new high profile project in collaboration with industrial partners. You will be able to prioritise demands on the facility, with the minimum of direction, successfully managing technical scheduling conflicts to ensure user needs are satisfied.


To provide technical support for a number of research projects and education programmes, ensuring a wide range of equipment in our new and extensive research facilities is professionally maintained, and overseeing safe usage by project staff and students. We have a number of roles covering a range of electrical and mechanical disciplines but a key area of development is high voltage activity where we are seeking a number of technicians who have qualifications in high voltage (up to 600v) automotive battery systems, and who can operate battery cycling equipment, thermal test chambers and EIS equipment. Experience in cell welding and thermal modelling is also required.

Systems (Requirements) Engineer

To be responsible for managing the system requirements that will underpin the design, manufacture and verification of the next generation of automotive energy storage systems. You will be responsible for ensuring traceability exists between high-level design targets through to detailed designs and test plans. Key skills:

  • Significant engagement with key stakeholders across industry and academia
  • Domain knowledge acquired through industry experience working within the automotive industry, the battery industry or associated supply chains
  • Knowledge and experience of using requirements and systems engineering tools and methods, e.g. DOORs or Caliber

Systems (Software/Control) Engineer

To undertake research and development into the design and productionisation of new control algorithms and software for automotive battery management systems. The new control algorithms will be designed using the latest methods in model-based design and verified using hardware-in-the-loop simulation test methods (dSPACE). You will have responsibility for verifying that the embedded systems (both control, hardware and software) meets system requirements. Key skills:

  • Control algorithm and software development using Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow
  • Verification of embedded systems using Hardware-in-the-loop methods (dSPACE)
  • An appreciation of system development methods and processes inline with ISO 26262 at varying Software Integrity Levels

Battery System Integration Engineer

To be responsible for supporting the design and integration of complete battery systems for automotive and road transport applications. You will be able to evidence your capability in either (a) mechanical design and structural analysis of battery/automotive systems or (b) the design, analysis and verification of thermal management systems for battery/automotive applications.

Irrespective of the role, you will be expected to show significant knowledge and experience gained through relevant academic research or industrial development. This includes knowledge of the latest innovations in design, best practice methods and practical experience using industry standard software.

Data Management Engineer

To work within a multi-disciplinary team tasked with the design, verification and manufacture of the next generation of automotive battery systems. You will be responsible for managing the different data-sets the will underpin this research and development activity. This includes, for example: aligning experimental results to system requirements and system design options. A key requirement of this post is the ability to post-process and analysis large volumes of data to identify trends in system behaviour and to feed this information back to enhance either the product design or the development process. Key skills:

  • Software, design and database management
  • Post-processing of experimental, design and simulation data using Matlab
  • Visualisation of large datasets to support system design

WMG Roles

WMG Roles

WMG Roles

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