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Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles pathway

Graduate Programme

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Our Intelligent Vehicles group

There are considerable challenges to be overcome before fully autonomous vehicles move from concept to commercialisation - this includes:

  • Technical solutions which are affordable and dependable


  • The legal and ethical framework
  • Customer acceptance and understanding of the technology

A critical success factor will be improving public confidence in the safety, cyber security and robustness of autonomous vehicles.

Our research aims to understand and inform this trust in autonomous control and intelligent features.

What will you be doing?

If you choose the Smart, Connected and Autonomous vehicles pathway you will have the opportunity to:

  • Conduct applied research into improving the reliability and safety of Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV). You will be part of a team that are developing models for sensors, simulated environments, investigating the use of Artificial Intelligence, control systems and test methods to accelerate the introduction of future autonomous and connected vehicles.
  • Understand customer usage and behaviour around intelligent vehicles, and the legal and ethical frameworks. You can access a state-of-the-art 3XD Simulator for Intelligent Vehicles, a unique driving simulator platform for the evaluation of CAV.
  • Work alongside doctoral students in differing fields of CAV research, from human factors, to communications, to virtual validation. Evaluate new technology and understand user interaction.

We are looking for...

You must of graduated between January 2021 and September 2022. This is a highly multidisciplinary area, so a minimum 2.1 degree level qualification in Engineering, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics or Computer Science would enable you to contribute in a meaningful way.

Please note you can only make one application to our 2022 programme, please choose between either our Energy Innovation or Smart and Connected Vehicles pathway.

Our related research capabilities include:

  • Energy and Electrical Systems: Complex electrical systems / software - e.g. technology testing and development
  • Experiential Engineering: human factors, how users interact with and react to new vehicle / road environments
  • Cyber Security: Security of vehicles connected to the internet, other vehicles and their environment
  • Supply Chains and Service Systems: New business opportunities afforded by autonomous technologies
  • Driver / Health Monitoring: Direct sensing and monitoring technology, driver behaviour / health state


Join our team and help make a real difference to smart mobility, transport, new business opportunities and the driving experience as we know it.

Read the full job description and person specification here

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Louise Oddy, Head of Early Careers and Talent Development heads up the WMG Graduate Scheme, should you have any questions or require any additional information contact Louise directly at

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