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Vidya Narayanan

Vidya Narayanan

Vidya Narayanan - Graduate Development Programme - Success story.

Since completing the scheme, what are you doing now?

I have secured a role as a project engineer on the e-machines team performing testing and characterisation of e-machines.

How did the graduate scheme prepare you for life as a Project Engineer?

It definitely did, in so many ways. My current role is very closely related to some of my placements and I wouldn’t have the experience for my current role without having gone through the graduate scheme. It also really helps that I already know the team and key stakeholders and they understand my level of knowledge and key areas of expertise.

Scheme Highlights

The highlight of the graduate scheme for me was the graduate group project I undertook during my first year on the scheme. Not only was it enjoyable to work with my peers, but I found it really useful to see how our work styles differ/our different approaches to solving problems. We also all have different skills/backgrounds and I felt that we were able to learn from each other without feeling embarrassed. This also really helped cement the great social relationships I have developed with the other graduates on the scheme, both in my cohort and the 2019 cohort.

Any advice you would offer prospective applicants

This is a hard question! Probably just to research the field of their chosen stream and really demonstrate their interest in the area within their application.