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New Recruits

Here are some of our newest recruits. Read more about what first attracted them to WMG, and what they enjoy most about working here:

Liz McArdle, Innovation Manager

liz_mcardle_800.jpgLiz joined WMG in February 2017. As Innovation Manager and as an alumnus, she was aware of the strong industrial focus that runs throughout the department. This was something which attracted her to the role, as well as the focus on helping support SMEs to improve productivity in manufacturing.

Liz says: “Essentially I was attracted by the opportunity to make a real difference and add real value to UK manufacturing."

“Within the SME team there is a very friendly atmosphere combined with a high level of energy. It goes without saying there is a lot of expertise, but there is also a drive to give value back to our clients across staff of all levels."

Liz adds: “If you are passionate about making a difference, and creating a path between academia and industry, then WMG is perfect for you.”

Luke Millage, Precision Engineer

Luke has been at WMG for three months and it was the state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities that first attracted him.

Luke says: “The scope for learning and progression is limitless here and there is a network of genuinely helpful people who want to encourage professional development.”

But the best thing according to Luke is the diversity. “There are people from all sorts of industrial backgrounds, and it’s great to be surrounded by people who are so passionate about what they do.”

Emma Kendrick, Reader - Electrochemical Energy Materials

emma_kendrick_800_please_use.jpgEmma joined WMG at the end of 2016.

The initial appeal to Emma was the opportunity to make full use of her existing experience in both industry and academia. It was also the opportunity to continue to support industry with investigating the underlying science required to progress new battery technology.

In essence, the role has given Emma the best of both worlds. She is able to support industrial related research with science, and continue to see the progression of the research in commercial reality.

Juliette Soulard, Associate Professor

Jjsoulard200.jpguliette joined WMG in September 2016. Juliette was first attracted by our close collaboration to industry. She describes it as a “dynamic with company-like admin support, an inspiring environment, where the sky seems to be the limit.”