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Liz McArdle, Innovation Manager

Liz comes from an engineering background, studying Environmental Engineering at Strathclyde University, a Master’s in Computer Integrated Manufacturing at Cranfield, before completing an Engineering Doctorate at WMG.

But it was not until February 2017 that Liz joined WMG as a member of staff in the SME team. As an alumnus, she was aware of the strong industrial focus that runs throughout the department. This, and the focus on helping support SMEs to improve productivity in manufacturing were the things that attracted Liz to the role.

Grab the opportunities you are given

Liz says: “During my studies and then my career, I’ve had both manufacturing and consultancy based roles across the UK. Before I joined WMG I was living and working up in north east Scotland.

“I’ve had lots of fantastic opportunities and I would advise others to grab the chances that you are given with both hands, just like I have. We are all responsible for our own futures – you have to take opportunities that you are given and drive your career in the direction you want it to go.”

Liz adds: “Within the SME team there is a really friendly atmosphere combined with a high level of energy. It goes without saying there is a lot of expertise too, but there is also a drive to give value back to our clients from staff of all levels.”

“If you are passionate about making a difference, and creating a path between academia and industry, then WMG really is the perfect place for you.”