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Meet our people

Where did you work prior to WMG?

I have had a very long career in engineering!

I worked as a technical specialist fuel and emissions systems engineer at JLR for 11 years. I worked in aerospace engineering as a project engineer and project lead for engine control systems for civil and military aircraft. I have previously worked as a project engineer at WMG, for around three years on the Premium Automotive Research and Development Programme (PARD).

Prior to joining WMG in August 2017, I worked as a consultant engineer in vehicle sustainability – researching sustainable materials, processes and design – at JLR, Gaydon. I have also worked in various roles in polymer and composite materials.

What first attracted you to WMG?

First time round, I saw the PARD role advertised and thought it would suit me perfectly. I had the required skills and interests and I liked the idea of working in research. Warwick was also very attractive to me – I knew the University through collaborative work with JLR.

During the PARD programme of research (at WMG), I was really lucky to work with some amazing and inspirational people. The programme manager on the project always got the very best from people. He was, and still, is the best manager I’ve worked for – trusting and enabling, but extremely supportive when needed.

When I applied for my current role, I thought the role seemed like one I would enjoy and I had all the skills and experience. By now I knew that I enjoyed the research side and that I really enjoyed working at WMG. I already knew the programme manager (from my previous position) which was a very positive thing for me as I had really enjoyed working with him.

What is the best thing about working at WMG?

WMG is a unique research environment – our links with industry and our real, valuable, applicable research, means that skilled and experienced engineers and technologists are valued and actively sought.
Our research has real-world value and we are part of a respected and prestigious university. It’s the ideal environment for an experienced engineer, technologist or scientist, to translate their experience into the research forum and to invest their valuable knowledge in future technological advances. I feel valued; that my skills are well-utilised and that my experience is respected.

Our collaborative work with, particularly but not exclusively, the automotive industry and supply chain, means that our research programmes are beneficial to and contribute to the success of the local and national economy. It makes our work interesting, well-funded and relevant.

I get to work with great people: technicians, engineers, programme managers and subject matter experts are the most skilled, knowledgeable and highly-motivated people – generous with their knowledge and time and keen to pass on their interests and enthusiasm for their subjects.

People work here because they really like it and they really like the work. It’s not always easy and you don’t always get out by 5pm, but you put the effort in as it’s rewarding.

It’s a lovely campus and that’s a real bonus – I’ve worked in some ghastly places! The facilities at Warwick and the access we get to sports, social and learning opportunities are also really positive things about working here. This is my third time working here; I had firm offers from four other well-paid and senior roles and I chose to come back to work at WMG without even blinking.

Pauline Madden

Pauline Madden, Research Project Engineer (since August 2017)