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Meet our People

What is your role at WMG in a nutshell?

My current role is a mixture of teaching, tutoring, and academic support for our Full-Time MSc and Professional and Executive Programmes student populations across our global centres. I also provide management support to our Chinese Summer programmes and continue to build relationships with our industrial partners and contacts. I am a module tutor for an MSc module on Procurement and Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain and Logistics MSc programme. I can also fix various printer issues, give advice in the office on a variety of software issues and even make a good cup of tea!

Who do you work closely with?

My main contact is with the teaching staff across WMG, academics from the wider university and many other academic institutes and industries that I have worked with over these past 35 years.

What did you do before you came to WMG?

I started work in the telecommunications service industry with BT before joining the computer services sector with a number of different data processing and CAD/CAE/CAM companies. This is where I first encountered WMG as a Service Engineer. I installed some of the first CAD equipment into WMG’s old CAD Training Centre, which is where I then started working shortly afterwards.

What do you think is the best part of your job?

I have had the opportunity to fulfil many roles whilst working at WMG and I was also awarded an MSc from Warwick in 2000 which tied in with the research project I was working on at the time. In my current role, I like the diversity of my work, the people I encounter and the benefits I see from the student and partner successes and achievements, both in a professional and a personal capacity.

Best thing about WMG?

It is hard to describe a singular “thing”. My own views are the opportunities that arise regularly whilst working at WMG within the “family” atmosphere across the department. I started as a qualified and experienced CAD/CAM engineer and went on to manage a very experienced team of CAD/CAM/CAE developers. At other times I have taught basic engineering principles to undergraduate students and I have lead world class multi-million pound research projects using funding I was awarded from the European Commission (where I even had the unique opportunity to present to Nelson Mandela) - working at WMG opens up all sorts of opportunities. I firmly believe our strength is in our diversity, often misquoted and overly used, but history shows it fits perfectly with how WMG has arrived at this place.

Favourite thing about life at Warwick?

I enjoy the unique surroundings and the University's Tennis Centre which I have recently joined.


Phil Foster:

Senior Teaching Fellow,
Supply Chain and Logistics Management

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