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Meet our People


Dr Sarah Payne

Research Fellow
Experiential Engineering

Worked at WMG since 2010


"I love the opportunities that research offers in meeting colleagues across the globe."


What is your role at WMG in a nutshell?

I am a Research Fellow on the Participation in Healthcare Environment Engineering (PHEE) programme in the Experiential Engineering team. This involves conducting research (literature reviews, quantitative and qualitative studies, analysis, and report/paper writing etc.) on involving end users in the design processes and evaluation of healthcare environments. I also supervise doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students on topics relating to peoples interaction with environments.

Who do you work closely with?

For PHEE, I work with our industrial sponsors, ranging from NHS hospitals, to Architecture firms, to artists. I also work with members of the Hybrid Vehicle Research team in WMG for supervising student projects. Recently I’ve set up a research active staff network for “Researching Human Fatigue in the Workplace” and this involves collaborating with colleagues from other University of Warwick departments including Warwick Medical School, Psychology, and Warwick Business School.

What did you do before you came to WMG?

I’m an Environmental Psychologist and have studied Psychology since A-levels, however I have not been based in a Psychology University department since my BSc (University of Sheffield) and Masters (University of Surrey). Instead, I have applied my knowledge to a variety of fields by collaborating with people in an Acoustic department (University of Salford), and School of Information Studies (McGill University), as well as completing my PhD in an Architecture department (University of Manchester). In between all of my studies and work, I’ve also found time to fit in two snowboard seasons!

What do you think is the best part of your job?

I really enjoy supervising Engineering students in research projects I have identified. As I guide them through the year I am able to watch them grow with confidence and take the project in new directions that I would not have considered. I also love the opportunities that research offers in meeting colleagues in various cities across the globe to disseminate our results at conferences. It gives me the chance to learn the latest theories, techniques, and experiments that others are using and I feel like I’m back at school learning so much again! In addition, I get to see the world!

Best thing about WMG?

WMG is situated in a great part of the University of Warwick campus. Everyday I get to look out of my window from my desk at our tree-lined pond with fountains. It’s actually inspired a number of my research ideas (well I am an Environmental Psychologist!) and gives me restorative breaks away from my computer screens.

Favourite thing about life at Warwick?

There are a number of little secret spots you can go and take a break despite it being a busy campus. There are also plenty of activities to get involved with, especially with the great, free services offered as part of the Warwick Learning Account vouchers provided to staff.