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WMG Alumni Biographies - Sustainability Week 2021

Meet the Alumni: Stories from WMG Alumni Working in Sustainability

For our 'Meet the Alumni' event as part of Sustainability we are delighted to welcome the following alumni to be part of our round table event, discussing the topic of sustainability in industry.

A headshot of WMG Alumnus Deepak Pitrola

Deepak Pitrola, Cell Modelling Engineer, Rivian

MSc Sustainable Automotive Engineering (WMG - 2019) and BEng Mechanical engineering (Imperial - 2014)

Deepak works in modelling the battery performance and lifetime under various applications at Rivian, ranging from high performance EV pickup trucks to high mileage delivery vans. The transition to electric vehicle is an exciting one, alongside being a responsible and sustainable transition - here is where personal and company visions were aligned.

Having started as a mechanical engineer, he pursued his goals in the future of the automotive field, away from traditional powertrains and into clean energy. The skills gained during his MSc are directly used in the working environment, first evidenced at working at Jaguar Land Rover after graduating. By modelling the battery behaviour, the correct design and operation of EVs can be identified so that the batteries can be best used and last as long as possible.

Photo of Karla Anzo looking at the camera

Karla Anzo, Project Manager

Expert in e-business and digital transformation, Karla Anzo works as Project Manager for DHL Service Logistics. She leads projects intending to promote smart business practices in logistics and leverage innovation solutions within DHL, connecting the world in a more sustainable and responsible manner. Throughout her career, Karla has developed expertise in several sectors involving change management, agile practices, and innovation internationally.

Karla has a master’s degree in e-Business management (WMG) and a bachelor’s degree in IT for Business.

She firmly believes that sustainable and socially responsible practices should be integrated into your personal and daily life to positively change the world.

Image of Plamena smiling and looking upwards

Plamena Marinova, Founder and Digital Marketing Specialist

Plamena is the founder of Climateka – an awareness platform about the causes and effects of climate change. Climateka builds a bridge between scientists, media and the society in Bulgaria. In parallel, Plamena is also working as a digital communications specialist in Greenpeace Bulgaria.

She completed her MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2013. After that she worked as marketing specialist for several companies. She also worked for 3 years as a project manager and strategist in one of the leading communication agencies – Publicis group.

In 2019 she decided to invest her experience, skills and expertise to something more meaningful and realized the topic of climate, environmentalism and sustainability is her cause.