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Get Involved

Your relationship with WMG doesn't have to end when you graduate. Indeed, as your career progresses, you will have so much to offer, professionally and personally. We are here to give you continued support, and there are many opportunities for you to give something back.

Here are some ways in which you can help.

Research and collaboration

WMG has a wide network of research partners at home and abroad. As alumni, you can help to strengthen these links. Maybe you are working in industry and need some expertise from us to support a new project? Maybe your company would like to start and sustain a new relationship with us? Or there is a good chance you have acquired further skills which could be of use to WMG. WMG Business >>


We would welcome your assistance with mentoring our current students or perhaps being a guest speaker on our extensive schedule of programmes. Perhaps you could host a visit to your place of work for current students.


Many of you will meet colleagues who need academic input to underpin their work. Perhaps you know colleagues who lack formal qualifications and would be ideally suited to one of our courses. We can set the shop floor worker on the path to the boardroom. Please pass our name around, and encourage friends back to the classroom WMG Education >>


We are in tough times, and our high-flyers face a competitive jobs market. We would like to hear about possible openings in your place of employment and may even have the right people to suit your needs. And if you are looking for a new job, maybe we can put you in touch with alumni in your field.