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Zoe Chilton

MSc Engineering Business Management

Zoe Chilton, who studied Engineering Business Management at WMG, talks about how the course has helped her in her role as a Commercial Assistant at the Motorsport Industry Association.


Yewande Odumosu

MSc Engineering Business Management

Yewande Odumosu tells us about her new role at a telecoms company, where she is in charge of projects, strategy and operations.


Michael McMahon

Engineering Doctorate (EngD)

Michael McMahon graduated with an EngD from WMG. He talks about his time on the programme.


Assel Issabekova

MSc Engineering Business Management

Assel Issabekova, a graduate of Engineering Business Management, talks about her role at an electricity grid operating company in Kazakhstan and how her degree helped her career.


Asad Aftabiqbal

MSc e-Business Management

Asad took some time at his graduation ceremony reception to tell us what he valued most from his time at WMG and the University of Warwick.


Sebastian Hauss

MSc Engineering Business Management

Sebastian studied Engineering Business Management at WMG. He tells us what he gained from his course that has since helped him in his career in Germany.