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Introducing the Class of 2016

Our education portfolio covers all stages of the education pathway, from school students at the WMG Academy, to undergraduates and postgraduates to senior professionals.

There are programmes for those wishing to study engineering or management, and to establish a career in academia or in engineering, manufacturing, or technology-led commercial organisations.

The Class of 2016 features students from across each pathway, and follows them throughout a year of their studies, bringing to life what it's really like on the WMG education programme.

 Miranda Bishop Timings

Miranda Bishop-Timings

WMG Academy for Young Engineers

Miranda is studying A levels in Maths, Physics and Art, and a Principal Learning Engineering Diploma. Her ambition is get a MEng degree and become a Civil Engineer.

Why choose the WMG Academy?

" The WMG Academy for Young Engineers isn’t like other schools where they only teach from books; at the WMG Academy we are shown that there is so much more to succeeding in life than just textbook knowledge. The Academy prides itself on being business-like, in a business-led environment. This helps show the students the qualities needed to succeed in business, and gives us the opportunities to improve these qualities, and our own education, in that process. Although I could study my A levels at any establishment only the WMG Academy offers this unique learning environment."

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 Josh Dobson

Josh Dobson

Engineering at Warwick Undergraduate

Josh is a fourth year MEng Mechanical Engineering student. He is also the project manager for Warwick Sub.

Why Engineering at Warwick?

" I’ve always been focused on working in the car industry, and mechanical engineering gives me the tools necessary to make this happen, whilst also giving me the theory and mathematical background should my career diverge somewhere else.

My ambitions for the future include achieving a high grade in my degree and using all the opportunities (whether academic or other) from Warwick to learn new skills, apply them, and gain meaningful experiences."

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 Dinesh Patnaik

Dinesh Patnaik

WMG Full-time Master's

Dinesh is studying full-time on the MSc Cyber Security and Management course. His ambitions for the future include working in the cyber security industry as a forensic investigator or penetration tester, concentrating in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices.

Why WMG?

" The continuous collaboration with, and mentorship from, leading industry people and pioneers of distinctive information security realms, really appealed to me. This course beautifully combines the demanding technical concepts of information security with the highly essential industry management principles."

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Natalie Ng 

Natalie Ng

WMG Full-time Master's

Natalie is a full time MSc e-Business Management (e-BM) student. During her degree she acquired an internship working in the digital marketing department in Regal Hotel International. Natalie's ambition is to become a successful digital marketer.

Why WMG?

"I left my home country of Hong Kong in 2012 to pursue my dream of studying in the UK, because of the advanced Higher Education system and profound cultural background. I heard that WMG emphasises bringing academic theories to organisational practice, which is very different from other universities that focus on abstract business concepts. My friend especially highlighted the industrial workshops organised by WMG; he said that they provided great opportunities to meet successful entrepreneurs and build our network. WMG cultivates a lot of elites and leaders in the business field, and I hope I can follow in their footsteps.”

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 Maz Ahmad

Maz Ahmad

Research Degrees (PhD)

Mussawar Ahmad (Maz) is in the 3rd year of his PhD with the Automation Systems Group, led by Professor Robert Harrison.

About Maz's PhD

" My research looks at the assembly challenges associated with hydrogen fuel cells with a view to determining a means for identifying the optimal assembly sequence for this product, mapping this sequence to processes and then visualising these processes in a virtual engineering environment to facilitate in the commercialisation of this technology.

"One of the reasons I chose this PhD was the opportunity to work with industrial partners to solve real engineering problems. I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and have worked in the automotive and the oil and gas industries. I haven’t given my future much thought, but I would like to be in a position where I continue to contribute to the well-being of humankind, whether that is an industrial or academic setting."

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Adrian Gaylard

Research Degrees (EngD)

Adrian is a fourth year EngD student with the sustainable Materials and Manufacturing group. He is sponsorsed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) where he is the Technical Specialist for Computational Aerodynamics.

Why this degree? Why WMG?

" JLR and WMG worked together to provide the opportunity for full-time employees to enrol in this doctoral programme. I decided that this was a great opportunity to do some really useful research that interested me. I also saw it as an opportunity to develop new skills and keep technically relevant; a challenge in an industry where technology moves rapidly."

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 Hannah Scott

Hannah Scott

Part-time Professional Programmes (Undergraduate)

Hannah is in her second year studying on the part-time AEP programme. She is a Degree Apprentice at Jaguar Land Rover in the cost engineering department, looking at how cars can be better designed and manufactured to reduce the material cost.

Why WMG?

" Jaguar Land Rover offer a fabulous opportunity for Degree Apprentices to study for a BEng in Applied Engineering in conjunction with WMG. I was really keen to study engineering, and to be given the opportunity to do an Applied Degree (with WMG and JLR) has allowed me to study core engineering principles, and utilise them in the work place."

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 Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis

Part-time Professional and Executive Programmes (TAS)

Thomas is an Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, studying on the Technical Accreditation Scheme.

As a key partner in Jaguar Land Rover's Learning Academy, WMG leads on delivery of TAS for Jaguar Land Rover employees working within the fields of future vehicle technologies and virtual engineering.

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