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Dinesh Patnaik, Full-time Master's

Cyber security, part-time work, and UK culture 

I have been loving all the experiences over the last five months. I have made new friends from all over the world, travelled across the UK, and tasted multiple cuisines. One of the fundamental things that I found is the importance of learning things, but not necessarily just studying. Challenging myself, trying things out of my comfort zone, and enjoying this entire process has been very fulfilling for me. Let me share some of those notable experiences.

We had a grand freshers week and it was during this time that I met a lot of people, and we still hang out together. It greatly helped my transition into university life and most importantly learning about the British culture. A couple of days later I travelled to London for my Chevening Scholarship Orientation event. I always had a dream to visit London, and the first experience was amazing, it was one of the happiest days of my life.

My course, Cyber Security and Management, had three modules in the autumn term, with one module per month. Guest lectures and group work were some of the things that I really enjoyed during the modules. The industrial visit to Jaguar Land Rover was also a delightful experience.

Early on, I was quite lucky to secure a part-time position as a Platform Security Researcher at a start-up in Birmingham. It is always fun and challenging at the same time to develop a scalable product with the potential to be used by millions of people. Since the task was largely focused on my passion of cyber security, I was curious and energised throughout.

Currently, one of my top priorities is networking. For me, it’s all about meeting new people, socialising, sharing ideas and beliefs, and nurturing the right contacts into a lifetime relationship. This has greatly broadened my horizons both at personal and professional levels. I believe that learning from differences and celebrating the common values greatly enhances one perception and attitude. As humans, understanding people is essential when it comes to both handling organisations as well as personal relationships. From attending conferences and career fairs to enjoying parties and dinners, everything was worth it.

I have developed a love for travelling too. I had hitchhiked to Llandudno in Wales with my friends, spent a weekend in Conwy with a British family, and learned to ceilidh dance and tasted haggis in Scotland. In Edinburgh, I had my first experience of staying in a hostel where I made new friends from South Korea and Chile, and we even made plans to meet again in India.

Being a gadget lover and security enthusiast, I have based my dissertation on Wearable Devices Forensics.

Dinesh Patnaik

Dinesh is a full time MSc Cybersecurity and Management student.

Dinesh's ambitions for the future include working in the cybersecurity industry as a forensic investigator or penetration tester concentrating in the field of IoT and wearable devices.