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A day in the life of Josh Dobson

Wednesday 10th February 2016


Swimming training

Usual Wednesday morning training at the sports centre pool with our coach.
8am Pre-team meeting prep Leave training early in order to prepare for our weekly project meetings. Preparation involves checking agendas and preparing any documents we will need. It also gives me time to check e-mails and Facebook for any urgent action that I can fit in before the team meets.
9am Weekly project meeting Our weekly project meeting involves the team as well as our Project Director and Advisors to the project. We discuss all manner of things, starting off with reviewing the week’s developments and actions we had assigned in previous meetings. This is to pursue delivery of the project and the various phases of the project timeline. Our items include anything from technical details to the launch event, planning and finances.
10am Desk work and submarine jobs I have an hour to catch up on any quick jobs on my laptop or in the vicinity of campus. A benefit of Warwick’s campus is the accessibility of everything and all of it being within an easy walk. I can use one of the learning grids or the engineering facilities to work in.
11am FEM laboratory My other module for the term. Finite Element Methods teaches us how to design parts and components in an optimised way using computational methods. We are taught how to use specialised software from day one, and it is very practical and hands on.
1pm Sub media team meeting A meeting with our submarine project media team, which I kicked off this year. We discuss plans for our launch event, video progression and opportunities for filming in the coming fortnight.
2pm Desk work

I spend 90 mins catching up on any coursework or general work I have to do. There’s never nothing to do!

I might be contacting submarine suppliers or sponsors, arranging submarine events or another swimming event.

3.30pm Swimming training The second of Wednesday’s sessions in the pool with the university team.
5pm Desk work Another opportunity to carry on with work on my laptop.
7.30pm Swimming exec meeting Our weekly exec meeting for the swimming and water polo club. My second year of presidency has been a lot smoother than my first, having been through it all before. But that doesn’t mean we never have challenges to overcome!
8.30pm Desk work More work at my desk.
10pm Return home I return home, rather late, for dinner and to chill out.