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Introducing the Class of 2017

Our education portfolio covers all stages of the education pathway, from school students at the WMG Academies, to undergraduates and postgraduates, to senior professionals.

Last year we followed a group of students throughout the year too, here is our Class of 2016.

The Class of 2017 features students from across various pathways, and follows them throughout a year of their studies, bringing to life what it's really like to study with us.


Eddie Hodierne

WMG Academy for Young Engineers

Eddie is doing a BTEC in engineering at the WMG Academy for Young Engineers, and is also part of the WMG’s F1 in Schools team. His ambition is to get an apprenticeship where he can design products or develop designs.
Why choose the WMG Academy?

'The school is different to others as it has a large focus on engineering. This has enabled me, as someone who is interested in engineering, to study and complete my assignments whilst working alongside lots of companies. The beauty of this approach is that I’ve had hands-on practical experience as well as learning the theory behind it all.'

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Verena Oetzmann

Verena Oetzmann

MEng Mechanical Engineering – 4th year

Verena was born in Germany, grew up in Spain and moved to the UK when she started university. She is currently the project leader for the Warwick Submarine student project.

Verena explains: ‘I love travelling and seizing every opportunity to try quirky new activities, and I speak five languages fluently.'

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 Elizabeth Valencia Berrio

Elizabeth Valencia Berrio

WMG Full-time Master's

Elizabeth is a full time MSc International Technology Management (ITM) student. As a telecommunications engineer in her native Colombia, she acquired experience in technology and innovation departments in various companies, before deciding to embark on her Master's. Her ambition is to become a leader in digital transformation in her country.

Why WMG?

‘After I got my degree as an engineer in Colombia, I wanted to continue my studies abroad, not only for the academic enrichment but also for the experience of living in another country. At WMG I found academic excellence, international recognition, and an education system balanced between research and industry. I was also impressed with the opportunity to network with classmates and tutors from different experiences and backgrounds. It's a perfect place to help me to achieve my professional goals.’

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Phil Davies

Phil Davies

Research Degree (PhD)

Phil is in the final year of his PhD working with the Service Systems Group, led by Professor Irene Ng, and the Centre for Imaging, Metrology and Additive Technologies, led by Dr Gregory Gibbons and Prof Mark Williams.

Why WMG?

'I chose Warwick for three reasons. Firstly, whilst researching the proposed PhD project and the supervisors involved, I found the expertise, calibre and knowledge base extremely impressive and in line with where I wanted to be in the future. Secondly, WMG has a worldwide reputation for excellence. The opportunity to combine my supervisor’s expertise within the setting of WMG was too good an opportunity to turn down.

Finally, BAE Systems Land (UK) sponsored my PhD and the chance to work alongside them whilst situated within a department known for its excellent collaborative work with industry was a hugely exciting prospect. The culmination of all three factors convinced me that WMG was the right place for me to learn, grow and contribute back to both academia and practice in a fascinating field.'

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