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Eddie Hodierne, WMG Academy for Young Engineers

Coursework and conferences

I successfully completed all of my coursework and am ready to enter year 13 in September. I am now going to have a bit of a break with a well-earned holiday, but I still plan to do coursework and F1 in Schools prep for the October competition in my spare time.

Before we broke up I attended the (F1) UTC Conference in London where I presented to the head teachers of other UTCs from around the UK about F1 in schools and our work at the Academy. They seemed very impressed with what we’re going to do and what we've done so far.

I also attended a special F1 Event at Trafalgar Square. I had to help host the event interacting with the public and showing them what we’re doing (within F1 in schools).

The story so far...

So far I have been studying:

Unit 1: Engineering Principles

Unit 2: Delivery of Engineering Processes Safely (as a team)

Unit 3: Engineering Product Design and Manufacture

Unit 22 Electronic Printed Circuit Board and Design and Manufacture

Unit 44 Fabrication Manufacturing Processes

Unit 45 Additive Manufacturing Processes

I am also part of the WMG F1 in Schools team. In April we came first in the UK nationals which means we are now representing Great Britain in Kuala Lumpur in October.

WMG Academy for Young Engineers - F1 in Schools winners