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Elizabeth Valencia Berrio, Full-time Master's

Focusing on digital transformation

Spring term has already finished, and time is flying so fast, faster than I could hope for! Eight out of nine modules are complete, and the focus is now on my dissertation. I still have some post module assignments to do, and for that reason, time is my main concern. Although this is an extremely demanding learning process, I am enjoying every stage of it.

My dissertation is entitled: “How to transform mature service industries into digital business: the digitalisation path for insurance and banking sectors in Latin America.”

'Digital transformation’ is the organisational change that results from the development and application of digital technology in business. It leads to the expansion of the existing business or new innovations that can change the dynamics of a company. From my experience, working at a leading insurance company in Latin America, I know that the digitalisation path is still emerging and there is a world of opportunities to explore. Current initiatives are mainly focused on attracting more customers through digital channels including apps, websites and social networks. However, this is a short-term vision that is omitting the benefits of improving the processes or innovation in business models through digital tools. This approach stimulated my interest in looking at how to transform mature service industries into successful digital businesses by making the most of the technology to provide new solutions and optimise operations. I expect excellent and applicable results from my research.

Time management

Term one has been an amazing experience and the most important learning, summarised in two words, is ‘time management’. Between attending classes, writing post module assignments (PMAs), working on my dissertation plus household chores and socialising, the days go fast - it would be nice to have more hours in the day! That said this will be an invaluable life experience.