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Verena Oetzmann - Warwick Undergraduate

Time flies, when you’re having fun…

It has been an extremely busy but enjoyable start to my final year at university. This term I have been juggling three modules, a fourth year group project and job applications, as well as trying to have some sort of social life. It’s been hectic, to say the least.

Taking on the Sub

At the beginning of term, I was lucky enough to be assigned project manager for the Warwick Submarine project. For this project, a group of seven fourth year engineering students from different disciplines work together on designing and building a human-powered submarine which to take part in an international competition. This year, the competition will take place in Maryland, USA, which as you can imagine, the whole team is really excited about.

We have now finished the planning stage of the project. Our main aim this year is to take the best features of previous Warwick Sub designs, to improve them, and to become the best team in the UK. In order to be able to take part in the competition, we need to ship our submarine to the US by May, which means we are working with extremely tight deadlines. As project leader, a big part of my job is to make sure that the plan is achievable and that our deadlines are met all whilst keeping the team motivated.

Although we have only been working on this project for five weeks, we have already achieved the following:

- Completed benchmarking and testing of previous year’s designs

- Agreed on our specification for Godiva 3 (the official name of our submarine)

- Secured sponsorship deals

Warwick Sub team

Warwick Sub team 2017