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Company-Based Project

The project is normally related to the management of business processes used by or encountered in the management of companies in the process industry.  The project could address many different aspects such as operational, financial, human resource, compliance or strategic management issues, but must be specifically applicable to their roles within their organisation within the process industry.

The project aims to transfer learning from the Programme to their workplace, further enhance knowledge and understanding of the company, and provide some real business benefit from the Programme back to the company.  To achieve this it is intended that participants, in conjunction with an industrial and an academic supervisor, select a current issue which impacts upon the organisation and is within their sphere of influence.  They should investigate this issue using the appropriate concepts, models and frameworks taken from a range of modules across the Programme to result in an integrated, analytical approach.  This should result in the collection of data which is critically analysed and evaluated with an in-depth discussion that demonstrates their knowledge, understanding and application of the chosen models.  Recommendations should reflect both the strength and rigour of the academic argument and the practical business benefits gained by the company.