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All apprentices must be employed by a levy paying organisation. To see the full selection of apprenticeships available, visit the UK Government’s ‘Find an apprenticeship website’

Alternatively, to see the opportunities available with clients who already work with us, visit our apprenticeship webpages


To be accepted onto a Degree Apprenticeship programme, you will need to apply directly to the employer. They will ask you what your current qualifications are as well are more specific questions relating to the area of study you would like to complete. You should also speak about your passion for the subject and how pursuing a Degree Apprenticeship will help you to achieve your career goals.


You will probably be invited to an interview, an assessment centre or in some cases both. Remember to do your research and come prepared. The interviewers will want to make sure that you will fit in with their organisation and find out how you envisage your future career progressing.

When answering interview questions you could try to use the STAR technique, it will help you structure your answers.

Although the STAR technique can’t help with all questions, such as ‘Tell me about yourself’, It can certainly help with questions which start ‘Tell me about a time when…’

S = Situation

Give some general background to the situation you found yourself in. You don’t have to go into too much detail, but make sure you are clear.

T = Task

What was the brief or project? What was the problem you had to solve or the task you were given?

A = Action

Talk about what decisions you made and why you took them. Include any skills or qualities you demonstrated.

R = Result

What was the result of the project or situation? What were your achievements? Was there anything you would do differently next time? How did you feel about how the process had gone?


Hopefully you will excel in your interview and be offered a role. When you receive your offer make sure you check it over carefully and don’t be afraid to ask your new potential employer if you need clarification on any part of it.

Your offer may still be dependent on your academic grades.


Depending on your employer you will either initially start in the work place or you may be invited to a ‘Welcome Week’ at the university. In either case you will be starting your career working with likeminded people whilst gaining a degree from one of the UK’s leading universities.