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Years 3 and 4 Modules

Modules run over five days, Monday to Friday.

Current Year 3 and 4 modules:

Individual Projects 1 and 2

The aim of project work is to deepen comprehension of principles by applying them to a problem in the work place.

  • Project proposals will be generated by participants through discussion with workplace managers and colleagues.
  • Proposals will be approved by academic staff (to ensure suitability for the degree stream and the appropriate academic level). Projects will be jointly supervised by academic and workplace managers.
  • Projects will typically focus on an a potential improvement in the work place and may involve the design and manufacture of a device, a research investigation, or a computer or management project which could address aspects such as operational, financial, human resource, technical or strategic management issues in an engineering context.
  • Participants will develop enhanced knowledge and understanding of the engineering or engineering-related topic of his/her project. Typically participants will develop skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis, risk assessment, problem solving using appropriate methodologies, research and information-gathering and planning and designing an experiment.
  • Generic skills developed during projects will include using appropriate engineering analysis software and IT tools, oral/written communication, project and time management, computing and IT, self-discipline and self-motivation.
  • Project 1 and Project 2 will be assessed separately and can be entirely different project areas. However, where appropriate, Project 2 can be used as a continuation of Project 1.