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Measurement Systems and Metrology

Dimensional measurement is associated with measurement of the SI base unit of length (metre); from simple 1-dimensional measurements (1-D) to more complex assessment involving measurements of 3-dimensional (3-D) workpieces using a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM).

In a manufacturing environment, how these part and assembly features are defined, toleranced and measured affects the build integrity of the product and fundamentally the experience of the end-user. Therefore, how product geometry is managed within a business is directly related to the success of the company.

This module aims to apply geometric principles in the design or optimisation of the manufacturing process and directly relate these activities to the needs of the end user. Examples of measurement systems will be taken from a number of sections ie aerospace, automotive and rail. It provides value to an engineering business across all departments including Research & Development, Product Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing and Supplier Improvement Teams.