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Productionising Designs

Today, many manufactured items are first embodied within a 3D modelling environment which define individual part geometries as well as their association to other part and assembly features.

This module will provide you with an advanced course on the subject of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). GD&T is the method by which part and assembly relationships are represented, using a clear symbolic language, to ensure that the product design will satisfy its functional requirement during manufacture and assembly.

The course will also provide an in depth analysis of how far individual part features can deviate away from their nominal dimension and still fit together with other imperfect parts.

Consequently, you will be provided with the analytical techniques necessary to determine the correct engineering specification with the proper application of GD&T principles and tolerance analysis techniques. You will also learn how these techniques should be managed within a company’s new product development process, so that the interaction of product design with the method of manufacture can be fully anticipated in time for product launch.

The module provides value to an engineering business across all departments including Research & Development, Product Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing and Supplier Improvement Teams. Examples will be taken from a number of processes and sectors.