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Applied Design

Applied Design will develop your understanding of the application of design by focusing on aesthetics and user-interface aspects of the product.

The module will develop this concept and give you a full understanding of the creative design process - research, sketching, comparative product research, customer orientation, model making, prototyping and testing.

The module will link directly to the content of the other Year 1 modules.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Identify the key factors that need to be considered in the design process
  • Understand the technical aspects of the clients' design brief by considering wider issues such as comparative product research, customer need, model making and testing
  • Develop the design specification to match customer requirements
  • Generate a minimum of three alternative design ideas and develop the appropriate idea into a final design solution
  • Discuss the final design solution with the group and make any required modification
  • Develop a manufacturing plan by identifying the steps, duration of the each step, quality aspects and budgetary constraints
  • Consider the appropriate legislation and regulations and any other documentation required during manufacture
  • Evaluate final outcome against the specification and suggest any modifications to improve the performance
  • Communicate in a professional and scientific manner
  • Demonstrate an ability to learn
  • Exercise good time management


Five days, Monday to Friday