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Metrology, Identity, Data and Uncertainty

This module introduces students to:

  • Metrology – the science of measurement
  • Identity – the ability to identify a person or object
  • Data – the presence or absence of a value or indicator

This module will also introduce the concept of risk and uncertainty in measurement, identification and handling of data.

Measurement is an integral part of engineering, and it is directly related to the specification, quality and conformity of the system components and products. This module considers measurement of the dimensions of physical objects and spaces, virtual objects in computer-aided design tools, and electrical/electronic measurements. It will examine the uncertainty and limitations of measurement technologies. Measurement technologies, their applications, uncertainties and limitations, related standards, and best practices are explained.

Identification of people or objects will be examined, including the treatment of uncertainty of identification. The need for measures to protect personal data and the role of data protection legislation in respect of personally identifiable information (PII) is explored.

The nature of data will be covered, including the types of data, the data lifecycle and the need for and role of metadata in determining authenticity and establishing provenance.