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Supply Chain Management

Module aims

  • The module will define and explain core concepts and definitions commonly used in the realm of supply chain management and gradually move from a generic overview into more in-depth and specific areas concerned with supply chain management such as sustainable, lean and agile supply chain management and strategic outsourcing.

By the end of this module students will be able to:

  • To explain the fundamental concept of integrated supply chain management.

  • To identify and examine the economic, cultural and technological impact on global supply chain development.

  • To identify and examine the strategic outsourcing decisions and vertical integration.

  • To explain the concept of customer driven orientation and value adding in supply chain management.

  • To appreciate the critical importance of supply chain collaboration and integration.

  • To analyse and develop suppliers and customer relationships.

  • Select and apply appropriate tools and techniques to plan, control and manage the supply chain for the overall efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Apply basic principles of lean and agile for supply chain operational excellence.