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Applied Maths – II


Applied Maths – II



Credit Value


Module Aims

This module builds on the Applied Maths-I module of year 1 to develop the use of modelling cycle in solving problems of digital and information systems. Logic gates, truth tables and decision trees will also be introduced in this module.

This module has been divided in two parts: Decision Mathematics (II) which aims to introduce mathematical modelling, algorithms in simple situations and consider of the success of models. The second part deals with Statistics and Probability (II) which aims to introduce data summary techniques, discrete random variables, probability distributions and random sampling.

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of module, students will be able to :

• Apply Boolean algebra to truth tables and simple logic gate networks.
• Know and use the set theory.
• Demonstrate an understanding of graph theory.
• Use statistical methodology and tools in the problem-solving process.
• Compute and interpret descriptive statistics using numerical and graphical techniques.
• Know the basic concepts of probability, random variables, probability distribution, and joint probability distribution.