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Digital Engineering Lifecycle


Digital Engineering Lifecycle



Credit Value


Module Aims

This module aims to address the importance of integrating various digital modelling and simulation tools to effectively support manufacturing systems engineering lifecycle and to provide detailed understanding of specific digital models, simulation methods, tools and technology commonly used in the manufacturing industry.

This encompasses the virtual engineering, virtual commissioning, implementation and lifecycle support of automation in manufacturing and other domains. The module specifically focusses on the use of virtual modelling and simulation solutions (e.g. Delmia, vueOne, FlexSim, etc.) and how robust data models can enable the integration of those tool sets across the engineering lifecycle.

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of module, students will be able to:
• Know the lifecycle of manufacturing systems and how IT tools can be effectively used to develop detailed plans for manufacturing facilities.
• Describe various simulation technologies and methods used to design and implement manufacturing systems
• Analyse the workflow that is required to support an effective virtual engineering process over the lifecycle of manufacturing systems.
• Evaluate how changes in products, production requirements and machine failures affect production throughput
• Design, simulate, virtually commission and critically evaluate automatic, semi-automatic and manual stations.