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Information Business Management Operations


Information Business Management Operations



Credit Value


Module Aims

Business organizations are the engines that drive world economies. Business influences jobs, incomes and opportunities for personal enterprise and development. Therefore, it is important to study the organisational theory, change management, marketing and strategic practices of business organization.
This module incorporates two management themes: ‘management theory’ and ‘business concepts’. The management theory theme addresses contemporary management concepts stemming from changing organisational structures, complex environmental conditions, new technological developments and increasingly diverse workforces. It highlights critical management issues involved in both managing and being managed including: components of organisations, environment, strategy, structure, culture, tasks, people and outputs and managerial decisions. The business concepts theme focuses on providing a context for the management issues in the IT sector by examining the sizes and structure of different industries, the types of organisations as well as global trade and commercial issues.

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of module, students will be able to :

• Describe and interpret the theories of management with emphasis on an introduction to contemporary management concepts and practices.
• Describe an appreciation of management competencies and ethics.
• Apply the key functions of management, i.e. planning, organising, leading and controlling in an industrial context.
• Identify the preferences, motivations, strengths and limitations of other people and apply these insights to work more effectively with and to motivate others.
• Know the basic business discipline courtesies demonstrating timeliness