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Information Systems for Business Processes


Information Systems for Business Processes



Credit Value


Module Aims

Businesses make their place in the market by keeping their pace with the technological advancements. As new technologies evolve, new opportunities and risks are exposed. Therefore, it is required to analyse the competitive advantage and suitability of technology before deploying it into business.

This module covers the role, opportunities and issues related to information systems in business organization. A Business technology solution related to sustainability will be discussed in detail. The fundamental knowledge related to the formulation of business case for a technology solution will be discussed.

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of module, students will be able to:

• Identify the various roles, functions and activities related to information systems within an organisation.
• Know how business exploits technology solutions for competitive advantage
• Know how strategic decisions are made concerning acquiring technology solutions resources and capabilities including the ability to evaluate the different sourcing options.
• Demonstrate value and gain commitment to a moderately complex technology-oriented solution, demonstrating understanding of business need, using open question and negotiating skills.
• Demonstrate the value of technology investments and formulate a business case for a new technology solution, including estimation of both costs and benefits.